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Olli's German Language Solutions

Deutsch mit OLLI

Olli's German Language Solutions

Learn German with Olli!If you're eager to learn German, you're in the right place. Our German language courses, led by Olli, an experienced language instructor, offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, Olli's passion and expertise will help you achieve your language goals.Join us on this exciting journey towards fluency and explore the beauty of the German language. A 50-minute free trial lesson is available! Click here to learn more about our rates.


My name is Oliver Harting aka "Olli".I was born in 1973 in a small town in Germany called Bad Oeynhausen, the next biggest city being Hannover.I have been teaching German for as long as I can remember. Well, not that long actually but from June 1998 till January 2023 I did work for one of the biggest language schools in Japan. There I not only taught German but was also responsible for training the German teachers, mentoring and quality control.In early 2023 I decided to take the plunge into freelancing.My hobbies include hiking, reading (a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction) and watching soccer.

Services Offered

In my 25 years of being a teacher I have had the pleasure of teaching all kinds of students and learning to adapt to each individual learner in order to tailor the lesson exactly to their needs.Whether you want to learn the language from scratch, whether you want to focus on grammar, whether you want to prepare for a proficiency test or you want to focus on communicating and getting your point across, l'Il be able to present you with the right solution.We can either use textbooks, newspaper/magazine articles, novels, test materials or texts/ dialogues prepared by me that cater to your interests and give you exactly what you need.


If you're a complete beginner knowing absolutely nothing of and about German, even after the first lesson you'll be able to say something in the language and indeed have a short conversation.


If you do already have some basic knowledge of the language, you'll be able to become a more confident speaker and handle daily situations with more ease.


If you're an advanced student, you'll be able to improve upon your ability of getting your point across in discussions, increase your repertoire of idioms and dive even deeper into the language.


Trial Lesson

Try our German language expertise with a 50-minute free trial lesson. Explore the language and culture, together with our instructor, Olli, at no cost to you.Price:


Experience personalized learning with our face-to-face German language lessons. Connect with our instructor and achieve your language goals in an engaging, one-on-one setting.Price:
- 5,500¥ (incl. tax) for a 60-min lesson
> Location: To be discussed with Olli


Unlock the world of German language learning with our convenient online lessons. Master the language through interactive, virtual sessions tailored to your needs.Price:
- 4.400¥ (incl. tax) for a 60-min. lesson
- 3,300¥ (incl. tax) for a 45-min. lesson
> Through Zoom or MS Teams

Payment Terms

Payment in advance or at the end of each month by bank transfer or PayPal.


It's been over 20 years since I first learned German from Ollie. When I lived in Tokyo, I took in-person classes, but now that I live in Sapporo, I take classes online. No matter how many years have passed, no matter where you are, your passion for German remains the same. In addition, he is always quick to identify and correct my mistakes and problems, making this a true touch-on-the-point course. You will receive lessons that pay attention to every detail. Additionally, I always find the instantaneous power of “When you hit it, it resonates” wonderful. Looking back, I think the reason we were able to continue for so long was largely due to the teacher's personality. He is a very attractive teacher, with a serious and open personality and hidden knowledge behind it, but without appearing arrogant. I would like to continue learning German with Ollie.


Sapporo, Japan

Mr. Oliver's lessons are very pleasant and fruitful.
He always uses a suitable teaching aid for each student and teaches very patiently and precisely.
Oliver is the best language teacher!


Tokyo, Japan

Oliver is friendly, polite and has substance.
Enjoy a wide range of courses!


Tokyo, Japan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do every chapter/exercise in the book even if the topic doesn’t interest me and/or is not that useful?

No! You can skip certain exercises/chapters. However it’s advisable to cover the main grammar points in order to have a good basis upon which to build.

Is the break time between classes fixed?

No, it isn’t. If you take more than one lesson, you may decide to either have a five-, ten- or 15-minute break between them.

If I cancel my lesson(s), do I still have to pay?

That depends on when you cancel. If you do so 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled, you do not have to pay. If you cancel after that, you’ll have to pay the full lesson price.

Do I have to take lessons regularly, e.g. every Tuesday at 9:00?

No, you may book a lesson whenever you like!

Do I need to speak German during the lesson all the time or am I allowed to ask specific
questions in English?

Of course you can use English in case you have specific questions but I strongly encourage you to keep using German throughout the lesson, “immerse” yourself in it, so to speak. It may sound a bit hard for beginners but you’ll be able to reap the rewards sooner and become used to it quicker.

How will I be able to review the lesson?

You can copy the notes if it’s an online lesson. If it’s a face-to-face session, I will hand you my written notes after the class. Also, for both online and face-to-face lessons, I will give you a summary that contains the main points plus extra homework that will support you when going over the lesson again at home.

Do I have to buy materials for my teacher?

If it’s a text book you want to use, no, unless you’d like to use a text book not recommended by me or one that I usually don’t use. If you would like to read a novel for example you should provide a copy for the teacher’s use unless I do own that said book already.

Isn’t it too difficult to learn a language just online if I’m just a beginner?

Not at all! The task may seem a bit daunting at first sight but with all the tools available today, you will basically feel like being in the same room as your teacher.


Feel free to reach out to us through multiple channels for your convenience. Whether you prefer a quick call or email, or prefer to connect on Line, we're here to assist you promptly and personally.